Recommended Tools

Hardware wallets

  • Trezor — most reputable hardware wallet on the market;
  • Ledger — another popular hardware wallet (we never used it though);
  • Cryptosteel — an ultimate, element-proof method of storing your seed phrase.

Margin trading platforms

  • Bitmex — the biggest volume crypto exchange offering derivatives to trade with leverage;
  • Deribit — one of its newest high-quality contenders;
  • Bitfinex — one of the oldest exchanges who survived having hacked and paid its dues. Also, associated with a controversial yet biggest stablecoin, Tether.


  • Binance — the biggest and most reliable cryptocurrency spot trade exchange.


  • Salt Lending — get your cash, keep your crypto. Salt gives fiat loans against your crypto collateral. Multiple coins supported.

Various hardware

  • Casa Node — Bitcoin+Lightning node in one box.

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