Ripple Sells $163M in XRP in the Q3 of 2018


(Source: Ripple)

Ripple doubled its profits from the sales of XRP in the third quarter compared to the second quarter of 2018.

XRP is the only real product of Ripple. Ripple’s only real customers are retail “investors” who FOMO in its story of creating worldwide banking infrastructure. All while bankers have been clear they don’t intend to use XRP for anything.

To think, they sell XRP to retail to pay Clinton to make an irrelevant conference keynote so that they can sell even more XRP to retail. So a Joe pays for a theater that convinces him to pay even more.

Don’t be Joe.


It makes no sense to be either bullish or bearish on XRP. You can’t predict the token price because XRP is a centralized scam. You can’t know when they are going to pump for hype and then to dump on you. One thing is sure, they will keep doing both. I know people who understand that XRP is a scam but make good money swing trading it. I did that myself a couple of times.

But to believe it’s a long HODL is a delusion that smart players create for you. They say “100x” but then dump on you at 5x when you are sure the game just started, and you double down. Then you seat holding the bag another year.

The above applies to almost any crypto asset out there, but XRP is such a perfect example of all the wrong things going on in this space.

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