I hope you don’t subscribe for this Bitcoin carnivory BS


There’s a growing trend among Bitcoin extremists about the all-meat diet. It’s as if those “Austrian economics experts” now suddenly became diet experts. In reality, it’s just people who like radical attitudes and can’t help fanatically promoting them. How you do anything is how you do everything.

Historically humans have been eating various types of food to survive. We evolved to adapt to what was available and can eat it for years. But don’t confuse surviving with thriving. There’s simply not enough data to support any particular strong opinion in dieting. By “strong” I mean completely eliminating some things and going 90%+ on others. If your stance on dieting is that radical, it’s just overconfidence.

Some of these individuals are trying to argue that humans are natural predators. Do you really want to play that card? I could be telling you how predators universally have night vision, can catch prey with “bare hands”, have round pointy teeth, etc.

But I will just show you one picture:


Here’s your meat, uncooked and without salt and spices. If you salivate over bloody animal corpses on the road, then go for it. Otherwise, please stop spreading bullshit. Reassess.

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